Wednesday, July 4, 2007

CPI(Maoist ) karnataka press release on com somanna's murder

Source : Received via email

Com somanna/papayya, NTSZC(north telengana specialzonal committee) member, was caught in Bangalore by AP special police on 29th or 30th of june, severely tortured and killed in fake encounter in warangal district thadpai mandal on Sunday. He was in Bangalore for medical treatment and rest.

What police story of somanna encounter is utter lies. They thrown away all so called democratic norms and protocols and murdered our beloved comrade paapayya. These murder gangs of state were perpetrating these type of heinous crimes on people and revolutionary leaders. They were provided this fascist and black authority in this so called democracy. But civil society, democracy etc, like illusion being creating to cover up this rotten and most violent state system. Rajashekara reddy is showing his efficiency in appeasing imperialist masters. All election political parties are nothing but different faces of this fascist state.

We salutes him for his bravery, revolutionary zeal, standing firmly like rock against the severe hienous torture of the state goons,without giving any secrets of the party. We salutes parents and relatives and shares all griefs heartfully with them .

We strongly condemn com somanna's fake encounter and appeal all democratic and human right organizations, pro people organizations to condemn this fake encounter.
We appeal to conduct fact finding and reveal state's brutality before the public.
We demanding to book these killer state goons under stipulated act and give vigorous punishment.

With revolutionary greetings
For the state committee
02-07-07 Karnataka


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