Friday, April 13, 2007

press release on land revenue act

Today we got the statement in our Mail box

CPI (MAOIST) Karnataka  statecommittee  


  Karnataka assembly passed an act, draconian in nature, on grabbing and encroachment of govt lands. It provides the authority to arrest and send to jail land grabbers and encroachers with 10000 rupees fine. It was said that this act is for punishing those rich and real estate people who commit these crimes. This act passed without much discussion in the floor of the house and outside the house. Chief minister orally assured that this act would not harm interests of the poor. But there is no provision for the same in the act so far. This shows the real nature of the act, govt intended to implement. 

    This is nothing but getting further legality to the anti people activities of the govt, which is vacating forcefully the slum dwellers, poor and middle peasants, small businessmen in the name of beautifications of the city, national parks, reserve forests, sanctuaries, dams, mines, power projects, forest protection, sezs etc. These are all according to the dictates of the imperialists and comprador bureaucratic bourshoisies.

    In Bengalore and other cities, vacating slum dwellers forcefully without any minimum human considerations are going on. In Western Ghats and coastal Karnataka, govt is trying to dislocate tribals and other peasants from their birthplace. Most of them are not having any records of their own. So called democratic govts, not provided any records for these small pieces of land holdings up to now. All these people will become culprits in the eyes of these rules and any concerned official can send these people into the jails without any queries. Such a draconian act enacted without much opposition. Few opposition parties queried for the namesake only. They are not having any real concern to the poor people. They are conniving with this conspiracy.   

    In reality all laws and rules are only applicable to poor and down trodden, not applied to big landlords, big business houses, ruling class politicians etc. This is prevailing in 'independent' and 'democratic' India as well Karnataka.

    The ruling class politicians, big planters, imperialist companies, big industrialists, they grabbed thousands of hectares and still grabbing land in daily manner. Does this government confiscate those? Or stop those? Never. Then what is the purpose of the act? Only to getting control over the common people's land and paving the way for smooth hand over of land to the above said schemes of imperialists and big business houses. State and central govt is handing over thousands of acres of land to the sez etc, where no rules of the land apply. It is nothing but fortifications like advanced British east India Company.  We can imagine, what is the govt's approach towards the common people, west Bengal's nandigram, singur, recent examples is there. Karnataka's Thatkola,Kundur, Sargod of Mudigere taluk etc,  are there.

Last year district collector and police superintendent of Chickmagalore district took initiative by using stipulated law to distribute encroached lands of the planters to dislocated people of Thatkola. But not left to materialized. Consequence was punishment of transfer and harassment to them. This is the reality of Indian democracy and it's ruling system.

    We strongly oppose this act and demanding the government to withdraw it immediately.
  Frame suitable law to confiscate all extra and illegal lands of the big landlords, big planters, big  industrialists, real estate agents, politicians, and religious institutions etc.and implement it.
  It should be distributed to landless and poor people with records.

  We are strongly demanding to give records to poor people for their land holdings where they are living      now.   We urge govt to give back all confiscated lands of the poor and common people for the benefit of imperialists, big business houses etc. with compensation for the loss.

        We call upon all poor and landless people to stood firmly to safeguard lives and land with all preparations to fight back govt's ill fabricated laws and actions. Expose all election parties and wage struggle to confiscate all extra and illegal lands of big land lords, big business houses, imperialist companies, religious institutions, big politicians etc and distributing the same to the common people. 

  We are appealing to all progressive, democratic forces to oppose this act and struggle against these anti people law enacting. Pressurize govt to confiscate extra and illegal lands with proper framing and implementation of law.  

                                                                                                               With revolutionary greetings,                                                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                For the state committee   
  13-04-2007                                                                                              CPI (Maoist )Karnataka                                                                                                    

tataindicom walky

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Communist Party Of India


Bengal-Jharkhand-Orissa Regional Committee

An Open Letter To

Sudhir Mahato, Dy. CM of Jharkhand

Date - 08-04-07


Mr. Sudhir Mahato

Dy. Chief Minister


Mr. Mahato,

Our Party has boldly carried out people's verdict by executing the leader of Nagarik Suraksha Samiti (NSS) and MP of your party on 4th March 2007. Since then you have been issuing false statements from time to time purportedly denigrating the CPI (Maoist) and its role in the state. Your aim and motive is clear to the people. However, we feel it right to challenge your statements and warn you against letting loose a barrage of lies cooked up at the diktat of corporate houses, native and foreign and the state's landed gentry. With all this, in order to cover up the failures of your government - a visible symbol of betrayal of the much-propagated cause of the common masses of Jharkhand - you the people in power are trying to attack us, sending troops to create white terror by regular combings and savage brutalities. We have the right to answer all such fascist methods in a befitting manner.

To come to your false propaganda about your espousing the cause of the Jharkhandis, we iterate it clear and loud that you have betrayed them in every conceivable way. You and your party's high-flying corrupt leaders have proved traitors to the long-cherished dream of a democratic Jharkhand or Lalkhand, free from loot, oppression and plunders of the exploiters. You claim to be do-gooders of the common people. It is down right falsehood. Your statements against the Maoists' activities for the Jharkhandis in East Singhbhum are all nonsense. Is it not a fact like the daylight that the oppressed Santali, Bhumij, Urav, Munda, Ho Adivasis and other non-Adivasis have rallied en masse behind our Party that has been leading their struggles for an exploitation free Jharkhand? Can you suppress the fact that you and your party leaders have turned into confirmed oppressors and mafia gang leaders who have amassed huge fortunes overnight? Can you prove with a single instance that the JMM leaders are not the faithful dalals and chamchas of the Tatas, Jindals, Mittals and many multinational companies who are out to loot Jharkhand and its people.

You the people are glorifying the notorious MP Sunil Mahato and trying to project Sunil as an honest leader killed by the Maoists. Can you explain how come Sunil, born in a middle peasant family, turned into a Karodpati as your party leader? You are equating the Nirmal Mahato - a genuine fighter against the Tatas and brutally murdered by the mafia gang engaged by the Tatas while calling him for a talk over displacement of Adivasis in 1987 - with the anti-people, mafia gang backer, fortune and power seeker notorious MP Sunil Mahato. Why this need to undermine the great image of the martyr Nirmal Mahato along with the Maoist revolutionaries? We punished Sunil Mahato and explained to the masses why we were forced to kill him. You propagate that we the Maoists are in for indiscriminate killing without people's support. It is a dirty propaganda. We never touch anyone for punishment until and unless the person(s) and reactionary(ies) become confirmed enemy(ies) of the people. People's court ( Jana Adalat) comprising the common masses decides on the punishment and only then it is executed by our PLGA with the active support of the masses. We adopted the same method while executing the people's enemy, Mr. Sunil Mahato.

Mr. Sudhir, your friend Sunil Mahato was traveling in the same boat as you are doing now. From 2003 onwards whenever Sunil Mahato set his foot on East Singhbhum, he chose to provoke the masses against us, against our movement for an exploitation - free Jharkhand. He stood by the NSS. The criminal gang leaders Shankar and Dhanai were his right and left hands to execute his game plan in the district. His execution was according to the people's verdict.

You and your colleagues are falsely preaching that Sunil was executed as he refused to comply with the monetary demand of the Maoists. It is dirty lie. This false propaganda has been manufactured to tarnish the revolutionary, dedicated image of the CPI (Maoist). We never execute a criminal like Sunil Mahato for petty money mater. What your dishonest criminal leaders can commit for grabbing the ill-gotten money we the Maoists simply hate it and can not permit such practice.

You the hated yes-men of the corporate houses and World Bank have given the call for Sendra campaign against us. You like the BJP and the Congress in Chhattisgarh are saying that such a campaign will being peace in Jharkhand by eliminating the Maoists. We declare that we are prepared to give a fitting reply to your fascist campaign. Remember it that when the Lango and other incidents of well-planned murders of our comrades were taking place the home minister of the erstwhile NDA had taken a resolution on such a murderous game plan. Later your guru Shibu Soren too supported such a notorious decision to mass kill our forces. Babulal, Arjun, Koda who became CMs of Jharkhand resorted to the policy of killing Maoists. But what has happened? Have we not got strengthened further and spread to newer areas in Jharkhand after brutal killings of the revolutionary Maoists? The Sendra campaign shall meet the same fact as the Salwa Judum has met in Chhattisgarh.

Listen, Mr. Sudhir Mahato and read the writing on the walls. Don't think that the Jharkhandis will spare the notorious high priests of the JMM who only know how best to amass fortunes by all dishonest means being a part and parcel of the exploitative system controlled by the Tatas, Jindals, Mittals various MNCs and feudal landlords. Don't forget that despite your false propaganda along with campaigns by the state's armed forces the people of Jharkhand are advancing forward to establish an exploitation-free Jharkhand where Adivasis can live enjoying independence to develop their language, culture and to ensure basic rights to livelihood.

We stand by the people of Jharkhand.

Victory to the revolutionary people of Jharkhand.


              CPI (Maoist)

Bengal-Jharkhand-Orissa Regional Committee