Monday, March 26, 2007

Statement on Ranibodli counteroffensive operation

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee

March 16, 2007

PLGA's heroic tactical counteroffensive in Chattisgarh is a fitting answer to the brutal state-sponsored terrorist salwa judum campaign!

Revolutionary violence by the oppressed is the only means to defeat the counter-revolutionary violence of the ruling classes!!

The daring tactical counteroffensive operation carried out by the PLGA led by our Party, the CPI(Maoist), on March 16 on a police base camp in Ranibodli in Bijapur district in Chattisgarh in which 55 policemen including 39 Special Police Officers (SPOs) were wiped out is an inevitable consequence of the brutal reign of terror unleashed by the state and central governments in the name of salwa judum. For almost two years since June 2005, the BJP government in Chattisgarh and the Congress-led UPA government in the Centre had sponsored a counterrevolutionary terrorist campaign of mass murder, torture, and arrests of thousands of the adivasi peasantry, gangrapes and murder of hundreds of women, destruction of thousands of houses, foodgrains, and all property of the adivasis, killing or taking away thousands of cattle, forceful evacuation of tens of thousands of people from almost eight hundred villages and issuing threats and intimidation to anyone suspected of being a member of revolutionary mass organization or sympathetic to the Maoists in Dandakaranya, particularly in Dantewara, Bastar, Kanker, Bijapur and Narayanpur districts. Over 5000 youth were inducted into a state mercenary armed force, paid monthly salaries, and pitted against the native adivasis who are fighting for land, livelihood and liberation under the leadership of the CPI(Maoist).

The police, who are scared to fight the Maoists by themselves, use this local mercenary armed force as cannon fodder in the fight against the Maoist movement. The Naga and Mizo Battalions were specially brought in along with a huge CRPF and other special police forces to Chattisgarh who had been committing the most barbaric and inhuman acts against the adivasi population. Over 800 villages were razed to the ground; more than 50,000 people were uprooted from their homes; at least 500 people were murdered in the past two years; hundreds of adivasi women were raped; property worth hundreds of crores of rupees was looted or destroyed by the armed thugs. All these cruel attacks against an entire population are meant to establish peace of the graveyard and clear the way for the unhindered loot by rapacious hawks like Tatas, Ruias, Essars, Mittals, Jindals and imperialist MNCs. Over one lakh rupees worth of MOUs were signed by the Chattisgarh government with these corporate comprador big business houses to drain the rich mineral and forest wealth of the state. At the behest of these day-light robberers, adivasi dalals like opposition leader of the Congress, Mahendra Karma, Home Monister Ramvichar Netham of the BJP and others have been leading this counter-revolutionary war against the adivasi population.

The heroic resistance by the adivasi masses led by CPI(Maoist) had pushed the reactionary rulers to utter desperation. Their much-trumpeted objective of wiping out the revolutionary movement led by Maoists by June 2006 had not only miserably failed but, on the contrary, they themselves are being wiped out by the PLGA and Bhumkal miltia led by the CPI(Maoist). Hence, they had deployed an even larger central force which is now more than 13 battalions, recruited 10 additional battalions of state forces, and inducted even minors of 14 years of age into their mercenary police force. KPS Gill, notorious for the mass murders of youth in Punjab, was specially appointed as advisor to the Chief Minister. A carpet security system is initiated with police camps in close proximity in order to strike terror among the people. In the past five months alone over a hundred adivasi men and women were murdered by these police-mercenary armed gangs. Plans are afoot to deploy the Indian army and to resort to aerial bombardment of the villages and PLGA locations.

We, on behalf of the CC, CPI(Maoist), once again warn the state and central governments that our Bhumkal Sena and PLGA and people will carry out attacks on a much bigger scale if the murder campaign in the name of salwa judum is not disbanded immediately. We declare that the sole responsibility for such needless loss of lives of hundreds of policemen and SPOs lies squarely on the shoulders of the state and central governments. Large-scale armed retaliation by the adivasis led by our Party is inevitable if the atrocities on the adivasi people continue in the name of salwa judum. Like George Bush who can only think in terms of using more brute force to control the fire of national liberation in Iraq, the Indian ruling classes too can only think of sucking in more and more repressive forces in order to suppress the people's war and grab the mineral wealth of Dandakaranya. However, they will only end up in further escalating the civil war in Dandakaranya. The people of Dandakaranya and our PLGA will certainly fight back the Indian army too if the ruling classes deploy it in Dandakaranya.

We do share the grief of the families of the dead policemen and SPOs but we are being compelled to wipe out the police and mercenary gangs who are obeying the orders of the ruling classes and their imperialist mentors to suppress the revolutionary movement for looting the wealth in the state. We appeal to the jawans of the central forces, particularly the Naga and Mizo battalions, to disobey the orders of the rulers and to withdraw from Chattisgarh. Already over 500 are suffering from falciparum malaria and almost 30 had died of this disease while several were forced to commit suicide under mental distress. We appeal to the SPOs who are being pitted against the adivasi people to quit the mercenary force as they are fighting an unjust war against their own brothers and sisters in the interests of the reactionary rulers. We call upon the democratic organizations and individuals and the vast masses of the country to condemn state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism on the adivasi people of Dandakaranya, to demand immediate disbandment of salwa judum and the mercenary SPO force, to fight for the withdrawal of the notorious central forces from the region, set up a judicial enquiry into the killing of over 500 adivasis by the police-salwa judum mercenary combine, to pre-empt the government's plans to deploy the Army, and to restore basic human rights of the people. The brutal repression by the state will only beget greater armed resistance of the people. Those who preach non-violence to the Maoists should first fight for the above-mentioned demands to put an end to state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism.



Central Committee,


Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee

March 15, 2007

Let us wage a united militant struggle to throw out the Social-Fascist Government in West Bengal led by Bengal Dyer Buddhadeb!

Let us turn every SEZ into a Battle Zone like


The massacre of at least 16 peasants (which could actually be higher than 50) and causing injuries to over a hundred people in Nandigram by Buddhadeb's Hitlerite police force-CPI(M)'s social-fascist armed goons on March 14 brings into one's mind the ghastly massacre in Jallianwalabagh by the bloodthirsty general Dyer during the British colonial rule. Social-Fascist Buddhadeb has taken the mantle of butcher Dyer by sending over 5000-strong police force and hundreds of armed goons of his Party to pounce upon the peaceful protestors in the proposed SEZ of Nandigram in East Midnapore in order to pave the way for transforming West Bengal into a safe haven for the imperialist MNCs, big Corporate houses, and unscrupulous land mafia. The fleeing people, including women, were chased and killed by these neo-fascist armed gangsters in a way similar to the acts carried out by Hindu chauvinist gangs in Gujarat.

'Operation Bloodbath' at Nandigram is a meticulously planned conspiracy hatched by Buddhadeb's CPI(M) and Sonia's UPA government at the Centre in consultation with the big industrial sharks and their imperialist mentors. The worst part of this heart-chilling episode is that Buddhadeb and Prakash Karat had repeatedly assured the people that the proposed SEZ in Nandigram would be shelved and shifted elsewhere if the people did not want it. They had assured that notification for the acquisition of 14,000 acres of land was being withdrawn. Now it has become clear that these double-dealers, like Goebbels, had only used this as a ruse to buy time, and had never any intention to shift the SEZ. Nine peasants were killed in the past few weeks prior to the March 14 massacre In order to serve the MNCs and the industrial houses the so-called Left Front government had decided to seize the multi-crop land of the peasants and build SEZs over the grave-yards of the protesting people. The blood of women and children that flowed in the fields of Nandigram thoroughly exposes the "Left" rhetoric and round-the-clock demagogy by political brokers like Sitaram Yechuri, Brinda Karat, Raghavulu and so on. They organize protests for building their vote bank where they are in opposition but kill the protesting people where they are in power.

Nandigram has proved even to a layman that the rhetoric of these social-fascists is no different from that of National Socialism of Adolf Hitler. Yechuri's shameless defence of the gory massacre by placing the blame for the violence on the Trinamool and the Maoists is an eye-opener to all those who still believe in the socialist rhetoric of these traitors and goons in the guise of so-called Left. This social-fascist and the most trusted political broker for the imperialists and the Indian Big Business claimed that his "Left" Front government in West Bengal is trying to resolve the issue politically but "outsiders" such as Maoists were trying to incite the people of Nandigram and that the helpless policemen had to fire in self-defence. This hypocrite cannot fool the people by trying to hush up the stark fact that his Party goons and thousands of policemen were sent deliberately to massacre the peaceful protesters, that all those murdered through this state-sponsored terrorism were local peasants including several women, and that this most despicable and bizarre act was carried out to resolve a political movement through the most brutal means. This Indian offspring of Goebbels cannot fool the people through such lies and falsehood to justify the unprovoked firing on the people. The bloodbath of March 14 reveals in naked colours the cruelty and inhumanity of the so-called reforms with a human face peddled by Yechuris, Karats and the like and their fake opposition to the neoliberal policies of privatization-liberalisation-globalisation. No wonder, Ambanis, Tatas, Mittals, Essar Ruias and the imperialist MNCs and the World Bank are itching to bring these social-fascists to power at the Centre as they have proved themselves to be the most loyal servants and their social base can serve to enact social-fascism to suppress people's struggles.

Today the reactionary ruling classes of the country are bent upon transforming vast tracts of fertile agricultural land into neo-colonial enclaves even if it means enacting blood-baths all over the country. Thousands of crores of rupees have already flown from the big business and imperialist MNCs into the coffers of the Congress, CPI(M) and other political parties. It is clear that the battle-lines are drawn for an uncompromising war between the haves and have-nots, between those who want to turn our mother-land into a haven for the international capital, the Indian big business and the handful of filthy rich on the one hand and the vast majority of the destitute, poverty-stricken masses, particularly the peasantry, on the other. There is no middle ground: either one is with the vast masses or with the filthy rich. 237 SEZs have already been approved and lakhs of acres of fertile agricultural land are being forcibly acquired by the various state and central governments. In Orissa, Jharkhand, Chattisgrah, AP, Maharashtra, Haryana, and several other states, lakhs of people are rendered homeless due to anti-people projects.

The CPI(Maoist) calls upon the oppressed masses, particularly the peasantry, to transform every SEZ into a battle-zone, to create Kalinga Nagars and Nandigrams everywhere, and to kick out the real outsiders—the rapacious MNCs, comprador big business houses, their dalals and the land mafia—who are snatching away their lands and all means of livelihood and colonizing the country. The CC, CPI(Maoist), vows to extend all support to the struggling masses, to intensify the struggle against all SEZs, and to avenge the massacre in Nandigram. The masses have the right to rebel against injustice, and how ever much Yechuris and Buddhadebs yelp about Maoist incitement, we openly declare to the world that we shall unite the vast masses and lead, participate and extend all support to the people and organizations of our country to unite and fight the imperialist onslaught through the SEZs that is being carried out through their Indian dalals in the Congress, BJP, CPI(M), Samajwadi Party, TDP, DMK, AIDMK and other political parties who are selling away our motherland. CPI(Maoist) calls upon the people of West Bengal to make the state bandh on March 16 a big success and continue the heroic struggle until the SEZs are withdrawn.



Central Committee,


CPI(Maoist) Resolution Regarding the Party Programme

There was quite an intense and detailed debate on the draft Party Programme at the Congress. Delegates participated in this debate in a free and frank atmosphere. Discussion took place in detail on the whole lot of amendments that were sent by the State Conferences and other parts.

There was much debate on the presence of the brahminical casteist ideology and system in Indian society, and its role. The Congress resolved this issue. By consensus, this specific particularity of Indian society was identified and determined. In accordance with this, the necessary additions and changes in the draft Party Programme were also accepted.

Moreover, after detailed discussions on issues like the character of the Indian society and state, various aspects of the communist revolutionary movement and national liberation struggles in India, the role of the CPI leadership, the class analysis and contradictions of Indian society, our attitude towards the different classes and sections of the society and the tasks of the new democratic state, concrete and definite conclusions were drawn, and these conclusions were incorporated into the draft documents. Thus, the Congress succeeded in centralizing the ideas and opinions through a meaningful debate on the draft of the Party Programme.

Finally, the Congress adopted by consensus this important basic document in an atmosphere of great zeal and enthusiasm.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Pictures of the CPI(Maoist) 9th Congress

CPI(Maoist) 9th Congress Resolutions

Resolution on Nationality Struggles

India is a country of many nationalities at various phases of development. They have been struggling in different forms against the repressive and expansionist policies of the Indian ruling classes. Kashmiris and different nationalities of North-East India such as the Assamese, Nagas, Manipuris, Tripuris, etc., have been long since waging armed struggle against the Indian Government for their right to self-determination, including the right to secede from the so-called Union of India. The Indian ruling classes and their imperialist masters, particularly US imperialism, have been suppressing these struggles mercilessly. They are being crushed under the boots of the Indian Army stationed in various states of the north-east and in Kashmir. In Kashmir alone, the Indian military and paramilitary forces have murdered over 70, 000 people in the last 16 years. A year ago, the Indian Army along with the Bhutanese Army killed hundreds of activists and supporters of the ULFA, Bodos and the KLO. However, even these most cruel repressive actions by the Indian Government could not stifle the voice of the struggling masses of these nationalities. They still continue to wage armed struggle and carry out their attacks, striking blows at the Indian armed forces.

Of late, the Indian ruling classes have deviously begun a phase of talks with organizations leading the nationality struggles in a bid to douse the fire of these struggles with false promises and to co-opt their leadership into the existing system. They are trying to win over a section of the leadership of the struggling organizations of these nationalities and conspiring to have them oppose the struggling sections. However, their ploy does not seem to succeed. The ULFA has become active once again. With the Indian Government's rejection of the Naga proposal to form a Union of Nagaland or 'Greater Nagaland,' the talks between NSCN and Government of India appear to be in dicey waters. Last year, the people of Manipur, especially the women waged a valiant struggle against the 'Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act.' The PLA too has stepped up its attacks in Manipur. The struggle of the Kashmiri people with the Indian forces, which has continuesd unabated, has generated fresh mass resentment in the wake of the Centre's designs to hang Afzal Guru. The Kashmiri people, along with the enlightened democratic sections all over India, have raised the just demand to desist from hanging the innocent Afzal Guru. Meanwhile, the demand for separate statehood in Telengana has again gathered momentum and the Vidarbha issue too seems to be emerging. Through the carving out of Jharkhand state, not only was the Jharkhandi nationality splintered up, but their aspirations too have been crushed.

This Unity Congress – 9 th Congress unequivocally supports the right of self-determination of all the oppressed nationalities, including their right to secede from the autocratic Indian state (which they were forced to join). The Congress condemns the ongoing state repression of nationality movements and vows to carry out a joint movement against the Indian ruling classes along with the people of different nationalities. According to the time and circumstances, it may be necessary to form a separate organization to take up the nationality issue, and we should form such organizations in accordance with the concrete situation. This Congress believes asserts that the various nationalities are independent, equal and sovereign, and that they are free to form a voluntary union by basing themselves upon based on the principle of the right to self-determination and equality. The Congress also supports the just struggles of those nationalities and sub-nationalities that demand a separate state for their development. Moreover, it also reiterates its resolve to extend all possible support to their just and democratic struggle.

Resolution on Farmers’ Suicides

The number of peasants committing suicides has increased phenomenally. This is particularly so in Vidarbha, AP & Punjab. In past 10 years several thousand peasants all over the country have committed suicide. In Maharashtra alone the number is almost 7000. From June 2006 to end of December, 900peasants had committed suicide. Cotton cultivators have been particularly affected.

The Central and State Governments are diverting attention by placing the blame on loans for wasteful expenditure, poor crop/output, family and other psychological tensions. The financial package announced by PM Manmohan Singh is nothing but a cunning attempt of the finance department to befool the masses. While the peasants did not get a paisa the money went to cooperative banks. Hence rate of suicides has increased.

The real cause for these suicides is the pro-imperialist globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation policies pursued by the governments. These policies have led to the reduction of subsidies for agricultural inputs and low prices for agricultural products. Facing losses, peasants were forced to take loans, first from banks. When banks stopped giving loans they turned to money-lenders. More than 60% of loans are from private money lenders. Failure of MNC Monsanto's BT Cotton Seeds was the final straw. A section of farmers' leaders like Sharad Joshi had already betrayed the peasants by supporting globalisation. Disheartened farmers have turned to suicides. These are in reality killings by a government acting in the interests of the imperialists.

Unity Congress-9th Congress of CPI (Maoist) strongly opposes the pro-imperialist policies of the government and expresses its heartful sympathies with the peasants and appeals to them not to resort to self-destruction but to wage militant struggle, to organise and refuse to repay all debts and to join the ongoing revolutionary peasant war.

This Congress calls upon peasants to demand that all debts of peasantry be waived, agricultural subsidies be restored, investments in irrigation and other agricultural needs be increased, proper prices for agricultural products and ban on MNCs like Monsanto and their GM Seeds, and opposes the policies of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation.

Only New Democratic Revolution will solve the problems of the peasantry. While struggling on immediate demands we pledge to organise the vast masses of the peasantry to intensify the armed struggle to overthrow this semi-colonial, semi-feudal system.

Resolution Against Hindu Fascism

The crisis of the Indian ruling classes is all round affecting not only the economic sphere, but also the social and political spheres. This is resulting in growing anger and revulsion of the masses of the people against the reactionary ruling classes. They are finding it increasingly difficult to continue their oppressive rule in the old forms. Consequently the ruling classes have developed fascist social forces with the aim of establishing full fledged fascist rule. Through this they hope not only to overcome this crisis but also establish rule with consent, and facilitate the intensification of imperialist exploitation. Under the "patriotic garb" of Hindutva policies, they are meekly implementing the imperialist-dictated policies of liberalization-privatisation-globalisation, especially after the 80's. For this they are conducting a Hindu fascist campaign, on the basis of which they will try to establish open terrorist forms of rule.

Since the early '80s, the ruling classes have been promoting Hindu communalism, targeting religious minorities, with the hope of uniting the Hindu majority behind themselves. The Babri Masjid demolition in 1992 was a devious act committed with this very hope. The main vehicle of the Hindu fascist onslaught has been the BJP-RSS combine with its storm trooper organisations like the VHP, Bajarang Dal, etc. The Shiv Sena in Maharashtra too has been propped up to achieve this end. The Hindu fascists are particularly dangerous since they have the support of the most important arms of the state in all their activities.

Feb 2002 was a high point when the Hindu fascist forces in their laboratory, the BJP-ruled state of Gujarat, organized the worst-ever communal genocide since 1947. Thousands of muslims were brutally killed, thousands burnt alive or maimed. Hundreds of muslim women were gang-raped and murdered. Muslim property was targeted with absolute precision and destroyed by Hindu state organized goons of VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal in connivance with state armed forces. Even after four years, many of them have not been able to return to their native places because of the threat of Hindu fascists.

While Gujarat was their own laboratory, similar hate campaigns against muslims were taken in Karnataka at Baba Budanagiri mazar, in Madhya Pradesh at Jhabua, in Rajasthan, in Maharashtra at Malegaon, and at various other places. They use the smallest opportunity to flare up the sentiments against muslims, like with the singing of vande mataram.

The Indian state too has targeted muslims, branding them "terrorist." After the 9/11 incident and the Parliament Attack Case muslims were targeted once again. Every muslim is supposed to prove his patriotism time and again. Indian state forces are even capturing and annihilating innocent muslims now and then, in the name of nabbing terrorists. Evidences implicating state and hindutva forces in "attacks" are being willfully suppressed, as can be seen in the Afzal Guru case and the attack on RSS headquarters at Nagpur.

The Cong-led UPA came to power projecting itself as a secular force, but it is the Congress party itself that has been mainly responsible for most of the communal riots ever since the transfer of power. Congress party is even more pernicious. It projects itself as a messiah of muslims, but in real practice it leaves no stone unturned to spread malicious propaganda against muslims and other minorities. The anti-Sikh pogroms of 1984 were one such example. In the name of equally opposing all types of fundamentalism, CPI and CPI[M] have actually helped in maintaining the status-quo of domination by the Hindu fascists. Various regional parties have made alliances with the Hindu fascists for the sake of votes and have become apologists for the Hindu fascists.

These Hindu fascists are trying to impose a hegemonistic Hindu culture on the various culturally diverse people of India. While their attacks are mainly concentrated against muslims, they are also targeting Christians, especially in the tribal areas, aggressively converting tribals to Hinduism. Similarly, they also attack dalits.

The Unity Congress - 9th congress of the CPI(Maoist) calls upon the revolutionary masses, all democratic forces and the oppressed religious minorities to unite in a struggle against the Hindu fascists. The worldwide experience of the struggle against fascism teaches that the fascists can be defeated only by militant class struggle in the streets, factories and in the rest of the countryside. The fascists can be defeated only by isolating them from the people and smashing their organizational forces, and by developing and intensifying protracted peoples' war with the aim of new democratic revolution, then socialism and ultimately establishing communism. The CPI(Maoist) pledges to fight resolutely against each and every instance of the trampling on the democratic rights of the oppressed minorities and others by the Hindu fascists. It pledges to do its best to defend the sections of the population targeted by the Hindu fascists. Our party is willing to unite in a broad front with all the genuine democratic forces which would be willing to fight back the Hindu fascist offensive

Resolution Against Dalit killings in Khairlanji

On 29th September 2006 upper caste forces with a feudal outlook brutally killed four members of a Dalit family in Khairlanjhi village (Mohadi Taluka, Bhandara district) in Maharashtra. Bhaiyala Bhotmange is the sole survivor in this family. The family tilled their own land for subsistence. His wife Surekha, daughter Prujanta, sons Roshan and Sudhir were beaten to death. Surekha and Priyanka were stripped, gang raped and paraded before the village and their private parts injured. The atrocities are a shame for humanity. The local BJP and NCP politicians are involved and helped them in suppressing the entire incident by using the police, administration and hospital officials.

That is why the Dalit masses all over the state came out on the streets spontaneously against these cruel killings and militantly protested. The desecration of the Ambedkar statue in Kanpur enflamed the masses even more and a series of bandhs were called and even two trains set on fire. The Congress and NCP led Maharashtra government, instead of acting against the culprits and giving justice to Bhotmanges', launched police repression against the agitators. They used Lathi charge, curfews, firings and widespread arrests to crush the masses. Four Dalits died in these firings.

They exaggerated and propagated that Naxalites are involved in the agitation only in order to justify their repression. But the Dalit masses knew that Maoists have always stood with the oppressed. The masses took inspiration from this and intensified their agitation. The parliamentary Dalit politicians are using this mass agitation to bargain with the ruling parties. The anti-Dalit orientation of the Maharashtra Government stands completely exposed. Maharashtra government is a casteist fascist government of upper castes which seeks to maintain the feudal base so that imperialist exploitation can intensify.

The Unity Congress - 9th Congress of CPI (Maoist) strongly condemns the Khairlanjhi killings and stands firmly with the struggling Dalit masses. We uphold the struggle of Dalits for dignity and equality and call upon PLGA and masses to counter this killing. This Congress resolves to continuously struggle against Brahminical, casteist oppression and all forms of discrimination and untouchability. Dalits cannot gain liberation without armed struggle against the feudal order. Hence this Congress pledges to organuse mobilise Dalits for caste eradication as an integral part of New Democratic Revolution.

This Congress calls upon peasants to demand that all debts of peasantry be waived, agricultural subsidies be restored, investments in irrigation and other agricultural needs be increased, proper prices for agricultural products and ban on MNCs like Monsanto and their GM Seeds, and opposes the policies of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation.

Only New Democratic Revolution will solve the problems of the peasantry. While struggling on immediate demands we pledge to organise the vast masses of the peasantry to intensify the armed struggle to overthrow this semi-colonial, semi-feudal system.

Oppose Death Sentence!


On June 8, 2001 four innocent peasants were served the death sentence in Bara village incident under Tekari Police Station of Gaya district in Bihar. These four brave peasants are: (i) Krishna Mochi, (ii) Nanhelal Mochi, (iii) Vir Kunwar Paswan and (iv) Dharu Singh. It may be recalled that on February 12, 1992 the revolutionary masses had made a retaliatory attack on those linked to the private army of feudal lords, Sawarna Liberation Front. 37 people having connections with this private army were killed in the incident. This Bara incident was, in fact, a retaliatory mass action against the Main-Barasimha genocide in which 10 landless poor peasants and dalit people were slaughtered. In Main-Barasimha village a struggle had then been going on for minimum wages under the leadership of Krantikari Kisan Committee. The genocide was a conspiracy by the feudal lords to teach the struggling masses a lesson.

From Rupaspur-Chandwa to Miyanpur, Bihar has been witness to dozens of such mass murders perpetrated by landlords and their private armies. Even so, not a single culprit responsible for these genocides was ever served the death sentence. On the contrary, they have been acquitted with honour and dignity. The acquittal of main accused in the Rupaspur-Chandwa genocide, the former Speaker of the Bihar Vidhan Sabha, Laxmi Narain Sudhanshu was one such example. However, it was after the revolutionary masses carried out retaliatory actions against these genocides that eight and four peasants, respectively were served the death sentence in the incidents at Dalelchak-Baghaura and Bara villages.

The death sentence served to eight brave peasants in the Dalelchak-Baghaura incident was converted to life-term imprisonment, while the death sentence in the Bara incident to four of them was confirmed by the Supreme Court. They may be hanged at the gallows any day.

Especially so in this phase of liberalization-privatisation-globalisation, the Supreme Court of India has increasingly been ruling against workers, peasants, dalits, adivasis and minorities. Ever since the so-called independence, over 90 percent of those served the death sentence so far were from landless, poor, dalit, adivasi and minority communities. This, in fact, reflects "court injustice." This in the name of the "rule of law" is nothing but a "farce of justice" perpetrated by the feudal and comprador bureaucrat capitalist classes. Death sentence actually serves as a weapon in the hands of the ruling classes to suppress the exploited and oppressed classes.

The Unity Congress—9th Congress of CPI(Maoist) opposes the death sentence to four brave peasants and condemns it. This Congress considers this death sentence as an assault on the peoples' right of self-defence, and also that such a punishment would amount to nothing but collective murder of innocent peasants as an act of political vengeance. Death sentence is in fact a cold-blooded murder and such murders are an instrument for the suppression of class struggle.

Therefore, this Unity Congress – 9th Congress appeals to the broad masses of our country to oppose this death sentence and step up the countrywide mass movement for their release.

Resolution on State Violence against Women

The Unity Congress-9th Congress of the CPI (Maoist) condemns the increasing atrocities against women all over the country, especially the repression and atrocities of the State forces and state sponsored vigilante groups. The most widespread and brutal attacks have been on Adivasi women in Dandakaranya in the name of Salwa Judum. Both the para-military forces and counter-revolutionary vigilante Salwa Judum groups have resorted to raping and killing many women in inhuman ways in their campaign to crush the revolutionary movement and the spirit of the people. Budri being was shot dead on her way to the Basaguda market. , Korsa lakke and Sukki of Korma village were gang raped and killed while returning after performing sentry duties for protecting the village. or Penta of Arwel village was being killed by the Salwa Judum goons in the Dornapal camp because she refused to bring the rest of her villagers to the camp. These are only a tip of the ice berg a few recent examples of the atrocities on Adivasi women in of Bastar.

They have forcibly driven thousands out of their homes and villages and detained them in relief camps which are in fact concentration camps. The conditions there are sub-human. Women and children are the worst sufferers of these conditions, their physical and mental health have been badly affected. Sexual exploitation is also going on in these camps. Even teenage adivasi girls recruited as Special Police Officers (SPO) by the Government are being subject to sexual exploitation. This is similar to the situation in Kashmir and the North-East where the masses are struggling for national liberation. Manipuri women struggling against the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act have been subjected to atrocities by the Army and Sharmila Irom on a hunger strike too has been repeatedly arrested.

To suppress the revolutionary peasant struggle in West Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia the police and social fascist CPM goons are perpetrating different types of heinous crimes against women.

Women active in political movements especially the revolutionary movements are being arrested in large numbers. The jails of Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka Orissa bear witness to this.

In Malkangiri of Orissa ten women were imprisoned in September 2004 and not yet released. In Koraput district, people protested against rape of village women by CRPF jawans of Kalab camp.

In Orissa, comrade Shobhadi, the inspiration and driving force of a vast rural women's movement in Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa, and comrades Lata and Jaya, District Committee Members in Andhra Pradesh, were is incarcerated in Orissa on trumped up charges.

Some of them like Comrade Chaiti Pallo of Dandakaranya and comrade Lalitha of Gondia, (Maharashtra) have been sentenced to life imprisonment,. and sSeveral others are serving sentences in Orissa, West Bengal, Karnataka etc. The whereabouts of several women activists arrested by the Jharkhand police is unknown. State sponsored vigilante groups like the Cobras are threatening progressive women activists in Andhra Pradesh. Women PLGA members are being tortured and shot down even after arrest. In the last two years more than 50 women have been thus killed. The most recent is the cold-blooded killing of comrade Karuna by the special task force of Andhra police. Andhra police trample underfoot even the basic human rights by way of hand-cuffing the arrested women. They brought the wounded women activists who participated in Gangavaram (Visakhapatnam) fishery workers' agitation to hospital with hand-cuffs.

To suppress the peasant movement against land acquisition in Singur in West Bengal the social fascist CPM goons raped and killed Tapasi Malik, a leader of the movement. In the movement in Kalinganagar against land acquisition among those shot dead include women. In brief, the ruling classes and their armed forces are using violence against women as one of their weapons.

Brahminical violence against women continues unabated. The brutal rape and killing of Surekha and Priyanka in Khairlanjhi by state-backed upper caste forces is a horrifying example of this. At the same time the spread of a debased patriarchal culture by the imperialists has led to an alarming increase in molestation and rapes of women in big cities. Women's insecurities have increased.

The Unity Congress—9th Congress calls upon all sections of women and democrats to oppose the violence being perpetrated by the state forces and vigilante forces on women. It also calls upon them to oppose the violence in the name of Salva Judum, the cold-blooded killings in the name of encounters and the arrest of politically active women. It We further demands the immediate release of comrade Shobhadi CCM and other revolutionary political prisoners. This Congress calls upon all oppressed, exploited women to rise up against oppression and join the revolutionary movement for liberat ion.

Resolution on Prisoners’ Struggles

A movement of various classes and sections is breaking out against the imperialist-dictated policies of globalization, liberalization and privatization and other anti-people policies being implemented by the ruling classes of India. In a bid to suppress these movements, the Indian Government has increasingly carried out repressive policies and become increasingly fascist. Several draconian laws have come about and are already in force. The main target of this repression campaign has been the struggles being waged against imperialism, feudalism and comprador bureaucrat capitalism under communist revolutionary leadership. Among these revolutionaries, particularly the leadership comrades, those who escape the inevitable fake encounters somehow or the other, find themselves thrown behind bars with numerous false charges heaped upon them.

Six comrades in AP, 26 in Tamil Nadu are detained under POTA, and 16 in Karnataka, and about 25 comrades in North Chhattisgarh have been languishing in jails. In many other states also the situation is not different. Hundreds of women comrades have also been incarcerated in different jails in the country. Besides them, thousands of other comrades and people have also been thrown into jails. Arrested comrades are not produced in court for days on end in stark violation of civil rights; any kind of protest by prison inmates is prohibited while depriving them of all their rights; lathi-charges are conducted to suppress any organized protest; leadership comrades are banished to distant jails; locked up in cells or harassed in other ways; visitors are denied permission to meet the inmates; they are not provided with medical treatment; bribes are extracted too often than not; false charges are framed against imprisoned comrades in instalments; "fast-track trials" are conducted to serve sentences without much ado even by the dint of false supporting evidence. These and other nefarious means have become common occurrence.

Besides comrade Tapas, Central Committee member of our Party and another important comrade Pratul, five comrades from Asagarh area, five from Bhamragarh and five from Tipragarh areas in of Gadchiroli division and five peasants of Gondia division (Maharashtra), five comrades from Chhattisgarh, four comrades each from Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, and some comrades from Bihar and Jharkhand have been served with life imprisonment. Some ordinary villagers from Bihar, languishing in jail on charges related to Bara (Gaya) and Meral (Garhwa) incidents, have been served life sentences.

In spite of tremendous torture, our comrades languishing behind bars have kept alive the ever-inspiring revolutionary legacy of resistance and struggle against repression and oppression in jails. The struggle of 1995 that broke out in various AP jails all at once and the solidarity struggle from outside were indeed historic in terms of their impact and spread. Our comrades in West Bengal, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu jails have also launched movements in demand of the rights of political prisoners and against various repressive measures of the authorities. We earnestly believe that even while bearing with the most inhuman, tough and hapless conditions in these torture chambers, our comrades shall leave no stone unturned to forge unyielding unity among themselves and to carry ahead the revolutionary legacy of roaring aloud, as caged lions would do.

The Congress urges you to:

· Form secret Party units even in prison and carry on the task of running them regularly through secret methods.

· Build action committees such as 'Jail Bandi Sanghursh Samiti' behind bars. In case comrades are kept in separate prison barracks, then form barrack committees, and press with demands to keep all revolutionaries in the same barrack depending upon the concrete situation. Such action committees are quite helpful in further enhancement of the spirit of unity and sacrifice, and in identifying vacillators and coverts.

· Transform the prisons into political universities.

· In order to enhance your own theoretical-ideological and political levels, continue holding a series of study and political classes as far as possible.

· Arouse and mobilize common prison inmates, forming cultural teams, aid committees and various types of organizations.

· Develop the prisons as centres of struggle against the ongoing widespread extortion, corruption and atrocities as well as against the attacks on democratic rights. At the same time, unite and create a huge outcry in support of the revolutionary struggles being waged on the world scale, and against the repression campaigns aimed at them.

This Congress hereby adopts a resolution to take up every possible programme so as to express solidarity with the 'struggles of prison inmates;' to lend strength to their struggles; and to form suitable organizations. The Congress resolves to:

· Form organizations, such as 'Committee to Release Prisoners' along with intellectuals, democracy-lovers and members of the families of imprisoned comrades, in solidarity with prisoners' struggles and to lend them strength. Such an organization shall conduct struggles on various demands related to the jail by establishing coordination between various Prisoners' Action Committees. Employing different means, such committees shall help create public opinion about the assault upon the civil rights of the prison inmates. In this direction efforts are already underway.

· Organize progressive lawyers to provide legal support to the prisoners. Some efforts have been made in this direction. Yet we shall lay stress upon forming such organizations in different cities. These organizations shall provide legal support to imprisoned comrades as well as generate public opinion against draconian laws.

· Mobilize 'Committees to Release Prisoners,' lawyers organizations, civil liberty organizations and the common masses against 'Fast Track Trials' and such other outright anti-people provisions.

· Pay special attention to raise protest against and organize resistance to atrocities perpetrated upon women prisoners.

· Rope in various means of propaganda in order to highlight the inhuman conditions in prisons.

· Conduct signature campaigns on various demands of the prisoners and in support of their struggles issues in order to arouse and mobilize the masses.

· Strive to punish the prison officials who carry out atrocities upon the prisoners.

· Constitute a Prisoners' Fund to help secure their release.

This Congress resolves to strive to carry out every possible means to free our comrades from the jails besides waging different forms of struggle within constitutional limits. With support from the masses, we had carried out historic actions such as the Jehanabad and R Udaigiri Jailbreaks. The Congress calls upon the entire Party ranks and the mass organization rank and file to prepare in this direction and educate the masses.

Resolution on Peoples’ Struggles the World Over

The Unity Congress – 9th Congress of the CPI (Maoist) is being held at such a time when imperialists, particularly the US-UK imperialists, have in the name of "war against terrorism" launched an all-round attack on the exploited-oppressed nationalities, classes, minorities and against the peoples' wars being waged under the leadership of Maoist forces. In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, they attacked Afghanistan first and then Iraq. Their own trusted West Asian military bull, Zionist Israel, repeatedly attacked the liberation fighters of Palestine and also launched an attack on Lebanon. Afghanistan and Iraq were devastated with several million tons of explosives hurled upon them. Now they have set their eyes upon Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea and others. Some comprador rulers who were propped up as appendages in the past by the US imperialists, having tried to shift loyalties, are now sought to be replaced through military action, so that they may continue to plunder the resources of the oppressed-exploited countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America and exercise domination over the whole world.

The people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, especially those of Iraq have stood up to these all-round imperialist attacks. The entire Arab world is seething with anti-American rage. Iraq has become yet another Vietnam for the imperialists. The people of Europe held massive protests over the unjust war. 70% people in the US itself are demanding withdrawal of the armed forces from Iraq. The US is weakening not only economically and politically, but also militarily.

The uprising in Poland, then in France and the struggles in West Europe, Japan and Russia indicate how shocks caused by the crisis are being felt even in the imperialist countries. In a nutshell, the struggles of the proletariat in capitalist, imperialist countries are getting sharper. The ground is being prepared for the socialist revolution.

This Unity Congress declares that the oppressed-exploited countries continue to be the 'storm centres' of revolution. Even while facing numerous problems, the people of India, Nepal, Peru, the Philippines and Turkey are advancing on the path of protracted peoples' war. This current of peoples' liberation shows the way for the emancipation of all peoples the world over even as it unmasks all slander against Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

This Unity Congress believes that struggles against the policies of imperialist globalization-liberalization-privatization are becoming increasingly sharpened all over the world. This is so not only in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and the imperialist countries, but such struggles are stirring up even in revisionist centres of the Dengist variety. The peoples' struggles that emerged in China in 2006 are testimony enough.

This Unity Congress calls upon the genuine Maoist Parties working in suppressed countries and capitalist, imperialist countries to unite on a world scale and lead these struggles. The Unity Congress upholds all the just struggles of the world people. This Unity Congress calls upon the oppressed-exploited nationalities, classes and minorities to step up the revolutionary struggles against imperialism, particularly US-UK imperialism and the domes tic reactionaries.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

CPI(Maoist) statement on arrest of Chennamma


Respectable editors , reporters , other representatives of the media and democrats, struggle greetings to you.

For your kind information, we are sending this press release on the arrest of comrade Chennamma. Requesting the same to be published in the media.

Yours in struggle,


( For) The state committee


12-03-2007 Karnataka

Comrade chennamma was arrested unlawfully by the anti naxalite force of Karnataka. Arrest was made without any complaints and cases. Only reason behind this is working for downtrodden people, to which she belongs. She is working for the cause of adivasis and poor peasants. Her schooling is only 1st or 2nd standard. She learnt writing and reading after joining the people's movement. Her father Honnappa jaalagara is a poor peasant, a good people's singer and composer. He composed several people's songs on dalith, women, peasant, environment etc,those are singing by social activists and revolutionaries among the maasses still now. He is also not schooled.

How so called social justice and rule of law permits to arrest person like her? Without any case or complaint. What is the answer of so called socialist, home minister M.P. Prakash.Is this course of law? This is the hollowness and Indian democracy, there is no bourgeois democratic principles are following. State perpetrating feudal oppressive rules in the guise of democracy and freedom. These are continuously prevailing after1947. It's creamy layered democracy; freedom, republic etc are disappearing, according to their needs of exploitation and suppression. It acts strictly on common people and revolutionaries, progressives and true democrats. It, in essence, not acts upon anti people exploiters like big land lords, big capitalists etc.Kambaalapalli,Khairlangi,Tada victims, Mumbai blast cases, vacating slum dwellers and adivasis from their birth place,singur,thatkola of mudigere etc are few glaring examples for this.

In Amaase bylu area big landlords grabbed hundreds of acres lands of the poor and public.Peasent workers were less paid. Cashew industries are under the grip of these landlords, exploiting rural women workers by meager paying, over work and other ways. Land lords are controlling forest produce and it's market. Organs of state are providing all needful to them, giving them all protection and suppressing people's movement there.In 2005 police killed two of our comrades cold bloodedly in Devarabaalu.It is nearby Amaasebylu. In that Umesh of Angadi,Mudigere,Ajithkusubi of Belgaum lost their life for the people's cause. In that case also there was no cases on them. Even in such case also can kill anybody? Rulers are saying no. But ex DGP openly said shoot at sight order was issued against naxalites. In reality also this is happening. How this become their rule of law? Why not this applies to social oppressors and exploiters, who practicing killing,rape,gangwars,extortion,forcible land grabbing,etc. why not action taken on DGP?

We strongly condemning the arrest of com,Chennamma and demanding immediate release of her.All ill intentional foisting of false cases should be withdrawn immediately. Should treat her as respected social activist, as being a poor and woman she serving the people.

We requesting all democratic and progressive organizations and individuals to condemn this arrest and demand for her safe release from the prison.

Yours in struggle,


( For) The state committee

12-03-2007 CPI(Maoist)


CPI (MAOIST)-statement on arrest of the karavali ale editor


Press release

Karnataka government had arrested unlawfully, the editor of karavali ale , a kannada eveninger of coastal Karnataka and his wife on night of march 3rd. State government and sangh parivaar jointly harassing press couple by not allowing to get, even, bail so far. Earlier to this their press and residence are attacked by sangh parivaar and damaged the printing and other property. Hands behind these acts were not yet even brought under the law . These acts are totally against to the principles of the so called democracy,freedom of expression and right to information, those whatever ruling classes projecting. These acts exposes once again, the real essence of those much propagated democratic norms and principles. We strongly condemns these undemocratic acts and violation of freedom of press and expression,violation of human rights etc of the fascist JDS-BJP government .

We are insisting immediate release of the press couple. We are demanding to bring those police officials, who are responsible for these anti democratic acts- under punishment. These are all the attempts of further fascisicing the administration and curbing the people's voice and struggle. Denying the minimum democratic rights . This was experienced in the masterminding and implementation of communal attacks on religious minorities in dakshina kannada, few months back.. The administrative and suppressive bodies like district administration and state police directly joined their hands with sangh parivaar ,ignored administrative and democratic norms and inflicted losses of both human and property to the minorities by loot,arson and killing. These are all heinous crime on humanity perpetrated by state itself.

Recent days these type of attacks are rising alarmingly. Police and administration are trying to mend dissent voices and struggle, according to their norms and wishes. They are directing what to speak , what not to, what to write, what not to,how to conduct struggles and rallies etc and trying to impose those on people and democrats. For this they are adopting all anti people and fascist methods like threatening, harassing,torturing, imposing false cases, stage managing the complaints ,clashes,attacks, killing,using colonial laws etc.

At the same time those acts of law does not applies to sangh parivaar,who are crudely propagating communal hatredness,religious discrimination and caste oppression and also organizing attacks on humanity.

Jainism which emerged through fighting against basically feudal violence and brahminical sanathana dharma, showing intolerance towards freedom of expression and mutual discussion.(samvaada) is not correct and principled one, as through that Jainism got existence.

All pro people and pro democratic organizations , individuals should condemn and protest these type of fascist acts of government and communal forces, as their duty.Otherwise the same will be the their fate in future.

With struggle greetings,
Gangadhar (For) state committee
CPI (MAOIST)- Karnataka

Onwards to the First Conference,
Anti-Displacement Front

March 22nd, 23rd 2007, Ranchi, Jharkhand

In Lieu of an Invitation

Heaven is a forest of miles and miles of Mohua trees
And hell is a forest of miles and miles of Mohua trees with a forest guard in it.
--A popular saying of the Muria Adivasi of Bastar, Chhattisgarh

Whatever contributes to assimilating people to Nature is a dangerous threat… At least that has been the lesson, of any discernible reading of the history of humankind. Here too, in the South Asian sub-continent, the experiences of the vast sections of the people have not been an exception. Specifically, after the advent of British colonialism…

Post-1947, there has hardly been any difference in the experiences of the people of the sub-continent. "If you are to suffer, you should suffer in the interest of our country", this was what Jawaharlal Nehru asked the villagers, while laying the foundation stone of the Hirakud dam in Sambalpur, Orissa. Hirakud, or the dam at Bhakra, Nehru termed these 'temples of modern India'. Ever since then, through the years of the so-called 'green revolution', canal irrigation cultivation, introduction of cash crops and hybrid variety of seeds we have daily proof that we create our world against Nature for want of profit. That people are forced to be the mute recipients of this expropriation of wealth in the name of development; of creating a new world out of Nature that is useful for a few rich and powerful. Even the most conservative estimate of the Government of India in 1994, after lot of jugglery with statistics, had to admit that more than 10 million (1 crore) people are still to be rehabilitated displaced by dams, mines, deforestation and other 'development projects'.

Today this logic of creating a world against Nature have taken the most aggressive turn; voluminous in its scope of exploitation and destruction; murderous in its reach in that it ravages the lives and livelihoods of lakhs and lakhs of peoples. The tall claims of Special Economic Zones as havens of employment generation and productivity with legal provisions totally different from the law of the land is further evidence of recolonisation of the land and its people for brutal exploitation of imperialist and local capital. The innumerous Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) that are being signed by the GoI with various monopolies for mining in Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand are open invitations to loot and plunder the natural resources for the predatory needs of the market.

The grand design to construct mega-dams in hundreds across the sub-continent so as to generate power to sell it to the far-east market and massive super highways to access every nook and cranny of the region to the reach of big capital will without fail ravage various cultures, memories, lives and livelihoods of these peoples. Not to say, this package to loot and plunder the wealth of these regions will pit the various peoples in this region against each other.

Big labour, big industry and big capital have forced the people of the sub-continent to adjust and be assimilated in accordance to its needs. These experiences legitimized with it a history of exploitation, of domination, of considering human beings as 'human resources'. Significantly, the use of the word 'human resources' confirms the dangerous threat of forcing people to comply with the needs of imperialism and its domestic lackeys. The poorest and the most vulnerable become easy targets. The tribal whether in Orissa, Jharkhand, Arunachal or Meghalaya and the worker in the small scale sector in Delhi, Mumbai or Calcutta, the landless agricultural labourer in Haryana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh or Andhra Pradesh and even the small and middle peasant in Punjab, Haryana, Vidharbha and Andhra Pradesh all are classified, registered alongside the mineral, vegetal and animal resources. Mind you, people so designated are not the aim of production, but its raw material.

From Polavaram to Tipaimukh, from Nandigram, Singur Shalgoni, Dadri to Vidharbha, from Kalinganagar, Kashipur to Chhattisgarh and North Andhra and Telengana and Karnataka this language is not deceptive: as we all know, resources are to be exploited, and in our world they are bound to be destroyed. The struggle has increasingly become between two worlds in opposition: that of the world of the greatest number of people labeled as 'natural resources' and the world of those who treat them as such.

The reckoning of the hour is to forge an uncompromising resistance at the ground level while building a massive public opinion against this politics of loot and plunder in the name of development. At the South Asian and international level. It is important and inevitable that the resistance be forged at as many levels as possible. As you may know, a process towards building a mighty resistance against these displacements under the garb of 'development' has been initiated. The first preparatory meeting was at Ranchi, in Jharkhand on the 20, 21 st of January 2007. Over 100 organizations and individuals are part of this process to build a massive people's resistance against all forms of displacement at the South Asian level.

The first conference of this Anti-Displacement Front will be on the 22nd, 23rd of March 2007 at Ranchi, Jharkhand. We invite you to be part of and hence strengthen this process.

No to Displacement! No to Rehabilitation!
Only Change with Equity & Justice!

On behalf of the Preparatory Committee, Against Displacement, Dr. B D Sharma & G N Saibaba,, Phones: 011-24353997, 9910455993.

An Invitation to Swim Against the Tide Together

We could give you lifetimes of empty:

The unmarked graves

The lost languages

The uprooted trees and histories

The dead stares on the faces of nameless children

Before I start this poem we could be silent forever

On just long enough to hunger,

For the dust to bury us

And you would still ask us

For more of our silence.

--Emmanuel Ortiz

This letter reaches you amidst tall claims… about a strong and secure India riding the high tide of prosperity in South Asia in the 21st century. Growth, Security and Development are the buzzwords on the lips of anyone and everyone who matters in the sub-continent. A kaleidoscope of the emerging big picture—surfeit of images of super highways, malls, flyovers, golf courses, tourist resorts, mega-dams as hydel power projects, corporate farming, Special Economic Zones, urban beautification and finally a boomimg sensex—in the sub-continent as signs of growth, security and development is also being flaunted in the sensation driven media.

The vast sections of the people have been subjected to the worst kind of socio-economic crisis in the name of development. Today more and more tribals, dalits, minorities and the poorest of the poor are most cruelly removed from their forests, fields, lands, homes and cultures. They are being evicted from their lives and livelihoods.

When this letter reaches you probably many more farmers might have committed suicide. In the rich belts of the so-called ‘green revolution’ in Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh… .The granaries of India have become the graveyards for the farmers. More than a lakh farmers have so far committed suicide. Due to debt peonage. For the farmers agriculture is no more a viable economic enterprise. There is no economic incentive for the farmer to continue with the same agricultural produce. There is no way the landless agricultural labourer can work in the fields as the wages have gone down.

Peasants as a community also has become economically unviable for the state. As per experts (the bane of our times) the purchasing power of an IT professional is considered equivalent to 100 peasants put together.
In the name of development the best of arable lands in Haryana, Punjab, West Bengal, the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra is being sold for a pittance to the MNCs for setting up Special Economic Zones (SEZs). The violence of an uncertain future have abounded the lives of vast sections of the masses who stand displaced in every possible way in this ‘model of development’. Displaced from their farmland, forest land, slums, small scale industries, villages, national territories. Displaced from their productive living. It is not to say that their lives till now have been devoid of any uncertainties, any form of exploitation or oppression.

The people of South Asia are subjected to most violent accumulation of capital. The position of the vast sections of the masses should not be confused with the dreams that are being peddled by the money merchants who want to sell the land, its resources, its peoples and their memories and dreams for a pittance.

The need of the hour is to come together, join hands and raise the voice of our conviction to redefine the world. For it is only through struggle that we can stop these designs: Of not only to exploit us economically, but also to reshape our reality so that we become willing slaves and willing servants. And it is only through uncompromising struggles that we redefine our world, where the people and only the people are the masters of their destiny. It is only possible through a united struggle of all fighting people and their organisations.

We invite you to be part of this anti-imperialist resistance, a platform against all forms of displacement to stop forever all displacement in the name of ‘development’. A note in this regard is enclosed. Let us discuss and initiate a peoples’ front against all kinds of displacement. We look forward to your participation in a meeting of people’s organisations and individuals in Ranchi on 20th and 21st January, 2007. The meeting begins at 11 A.M. The venue is Patel Bhawan, Lalpur Chowk, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Endorsed by:
1. Dr. B. D. Sharma, Bharat Jan Andolan;
2. Gursharan Singh, Eminent People’s Artist, Punjab
3. Mahasweta Devi, Writer
4. Surendra Mohan, Socialist Front
5. K G Kannabiran, Eminent Human Rights Advcocate
6. Shyam Gaekwad, Labour Front, Maharashtra
7. Arundhati Roy, Writer
8. GN Saibaba, Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)
9. Shamsher Singh Bisht, Loksangarsh Vahini, Uttarakhand
10. A.K. Roy, Marxist Co-ordination Committee, Jharkhand
11. Debranjan & Bhagwan Majhi, PSSP, Orissa
12. Bojja Tarakam, Eminent Human Rights Advcocate and Convenor, PDFI, Andhra Pradesh Committee
13. Anand Teltumbde, Writer, Human Rights Activist, Maharashtra
14. M T Khan, Prominent Civil Rights Activist
15. Vittal Raj, All India Federation of Trade Unions (AIFTU)
16. Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha
17. Professor Keshav Rao Jadav, Eminent Socialist leader and Prominent Civil Rights Activist
18. Prof. KR Chowdry, Andhra Pradesh
19. Suguna Rao, Telengana Aikya Vedika
20. BP Kesari, Jharkhand
21. Shashibhushan Pathak, PUCL, Jharkhand
22. Thomas Mathew, Samajik Nyaya Morcha, Delhi
23. Harish Chandola, Senior Journalist, Uttarakhand
24. Rakesh Rafiq, Yuva Bharat
25. Tridib Ghosh, PDFI
26. PC Tiwari, Jan Adhikar Manch, Uttarakhand
27. Madhuri, Jagruti Adivasi Dalit Sanghatan, Bardwani, Madhya Pradesh
28. Gopal Naidu, Vidrohi Sanskritik Chalwal, Maharashtra
29. Revolutionary People’s Front, Kerala
30. Sini Soy, Kaling Nagar Bisthapan Birodhi Activist, Orissa
31. Amin Mharana, Jan Jamin Jungle Khani Surakhya Samiti, Sukinda Orissa
32. Partap Chinara, Chasi Mulia Dalit Sangha, Puri, Orissa
33. DR. Bisvajit Roy, Rastriya Yuva Sangathan, Orissa
34. Nav Nirman Samiti, Orissa
35. Bhakta Batshal Mohanty, Kendujhar Bisthapan Birodhi Jan Manch, Orissa
36. Suraj Tekam, Vananchal Kamgar Sarvangin Vikas Samiti, Chattishgarh
37. Judge Tirki. Jal Jangal Jamin Surakhsa Parishad, Orissa
38. Ram Chandra Sahoo, Rourkela Local Displaced Association 32 Villages
39. Vistapan Virodhi Jan Sangharsh Manch, Jharkhand
40. Auranga Bandh Virodhi Sangarsh Samithi, Latehar, Jharkhand
41. Kutkoo Dam Visthapan Virodhi Sangharsh Samithi, Garhwa, Jharkhand
42. Hindalko Visthapan Sangharsh Samithi, Richu Gutha, Jharkhand
43. Jameen Raksha Visthapan Sangarsh Samithi, Amrapada, Jharkhand
44. Tiger Project Visthapan Samithi, Betala, Jharkhand
45. Khutkathi Sangh, West Singhbhum, Jharkhand
46. Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Mukti Vani, Chandel, Jharkhand
47. Visthapan Mukti Vahini, Chandel, Jharkhand
48. Netrahat Field Firing Range Virodhi Manch, Netrahat, Jharkhand

49. Coal Visthapan Sangharsh Samithi, Peeparvar, Jharkhand
50. Bauxite Khanan Visthapan Sangharsh Samithi, Gumla- Lohardaggah, Jharkhand
51. Visthapit Sangharsh Samiti, Tetheriakhad, Jharkhand
52. Caol Visthapit Sansharsh Samiti, N K Area, Jharkhand
53. Visthapan Virodhi Samanvay Samithi, Jharkhand
54. Hul Jharkhand Kranti Dal, Jharkhand
55. Nau Janwadi Chetana Manch, Jharkhand
56. NTPC Vistthapan Sangharsh Samithi, Chandwa, Jharkhand
57. Surangi Visthapan Sangharsh Samithi, Singhbhum, Jharkhand
58. Birsa Ulugulan Manch, Namkum, Jharkhand
59. Mahila Ulugulan Manch, Namkum, Jharkhand
60. Ravi Study Circle, Ranchi, Jharkhand
61. HEC Vishapan Munch, Ranchi, Jharkhand
62. Paryavaran Bachavo Samithi, Kaandra Raghunathpur, Jharkhand
63. D C Gohai, Boakaro Visthapan Sangh, Jharkhand
64. Gautam Bose, Tatanagar, Jharkhand
65. Bapikar Samanyay Samiti, Jharkhand
66. Angami Pandey, Sajha Jan Sangharsh Abhiyan, Jharkhand
67. Sambhu Mahato, Jharkhand
68. Professor Ramsharan, Ranchi College, Jharkhand
69. Lambada Hakkula Poratha Samithi, Andhra Pradesh
70. Tudum Debba, Andhra Pradesh
71. Adivasi Vidyardhi Samskhema Parishad, Andhra Pradesh
72. Adivasi Aikya Vedika, Andhra Pradesh
73. Patriotic and Democratic Front, Andhra Pradesh
74. Adivasi Swayam Prathipathti Sadhana Samithi, Vishakha Agency, Andhra Pradesh.
75. People’s Land Commission, Andhra Pradesh

(A complete list of Signatories will be provided soon.)

20 January 2007
Venue: Patel Bhawan, Lalpur Chowk, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Date: 20, 21 January 2007
Time: 11 AM