Monday, March 26, 2007

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee

March 15, 2007

Let us wage a united militant struggle to throw out the Social-Fascist Government in West Bengal led by Bengal Dyer Buddhadeb!

Let us turn every SEZ into a Battle Zone like


The massacre of at least 16 peasants (which could actually be higher than 50) and causing injuries to over a hundred people in Nandigram by Buddhadeb's Hitlerite police force-CPI(M)'s social-fascist armed goons on March 14 brings into one's mind the ghastly massacre in Jallianwalabagh by the bloodthirsty general Dyer during the British colonial rule. Social-Fascist Buddhadeb has taken the mantle of butcher Dyer by sending over 5000-strong police force and hundreds of armed goons of his Party to pounce upon the peaceful protestors in the proposed SEZ of Nandigram in East Midnapore in order to pave the way for transforming West Bengal into a safe haven for the imperialist MNCs, big Corporate houses, and unscrupulous land mafia. The fleeing people, including women, were chased and killed by these neo-fascist armed gangsters in a way similar to the acts carried out by Hindu chauvinist gangs in Gujarat.

'Operation Bloodbath' at Nandigram is a meticulously planned conspiracy hatched by Buddhadeb's CPI(M) and Sonia's UPA government at the Centre in consultation with the big industrial sharks and their imperialist mentors. The worst part of this heart-chilling episode is that Buddhadeb and Prakash Karat had repeatedly assured the people that the proposed SEZ in Nandigram would be shelved and shifted elsewhere if the people did not want it. They had assured that notification for the acquisition of 14,000 acres of land was being withdrawn. Now it has become clear that these double-dealers, like Goebbels, had only used this as a ruse to buy time, and had never any intention to shift the SEZ. Nine peasants were killed in the past few weeks prior to the March 14 massacre In order to serve the MNCs and the industrial houses the so-called Left Front government had decided to seize the multi-crop land of the peasants and build SEZs over the grave-yards of the protesting people. The blood of women and children that flowed in the fields of Nandigram thoroughly exposes the "Left" rhetoric and round-the-clock demagogy by political brokers like Sitaram Yechuri, Brinda Karat, Raghavulu and so on. They organize protests for building their vote bank where they are in opposition but kill the protesting people where they are in power.

Nandigram has proved even to a layman that the rhetoric of these social-fascists is no different from that of National Socialism of Adolf Hitler. Yechuri's shameless defence of the gory massacre by placing the blame for the violence on the Trinamool and the Maoists is an eye-opener to all those who still believe in the socialist rhetoric of these traitors and goons in the guise of so-called Left. This social-fascist and the most trusted political broker for the imperialists and the Indian Big Business claimed that his "Left" Front government in West Bengal is trying to resolve the issue politically but "outsiders" such as Maoists were trying to incite the people of Nandigram and that the helpless policemen had to fire in self-defence. This hypocrite cannot fool the people by trying to hush up the stark fact that his Party goons and thousands of policemen were sent deliberately to massacre the peaceful protesters, that all those murdered through this state-sponsored terrorism were local peasants including several women, and that this most despicable and bizarre act was carried out to resolve a political movement through the most brutal means. This Indian offspring of Goebbels cannot fool the people through such lies and falsehood to justify the unprovoked firing on the people. The bloodbath of March 14 reveals in naked colours the cruelty and inhumanity of the so-called reforms with a human face peddled by Yechuris, Karats and the like and their fake opposition to the neoliberal policies of privatization-liberalisation-globalisation. No wonder, Ambanis, Tatas, Mittals, Essar Ruias and the imperialist MNCs and the World Bank are itching to bring these social-fascists to power at the Centre as they have proved themselves to be the most loyal servants and their social base can serve to enact social-fascism to suppress people's struggles.

Today the reactionary ruling classes of the country are bent upon transforming vast tracts of fertile agricultural land into neo-colonial enclaves even if it means enacting blood-baths all over the country. Thousands of crores of rupees have already flown from the big business and imperialist MNCs into the coffers of the Congress, CPI(M) and other political parties. It is clear that the battle-lines are drawn for an uncompromising war between the haves and have-nots, between those who want to turn our mother-land into a haven for the international capital, the Indian big business and the handful of filthy rich on the one hand and the vast majority of the destitute, poverty-stricken masses, particularly the peasantry, on the other. There is no middle ground: either one is with the vast masses or with the filthy rich. 237 SEZs have already been approved and lakhs of acres of fertile agricultural land are being forcibly acquired by the various state and central governments. In Orissa, Jharkhand, Chattisgrah, AP, Maharashtra, Haryana, and several other states, lakhs of people are rendered homeless due to anti-people projects.

The CPI(Maoist) calls upon the oppressed masses, particularly the peasantry, to transform every SEZ into a battle-zone, to create Kalinga Nagars and Nandigrams everywhere, and to kick out the real outsiders—the rapacious MNCs, comprador big business houses, their dalals and the land mafia—who are snatching away their lands and all means of livelihood and colonizing the country. The CC, CPI(Maoist), vows to extend all support to the struggling masses, to intensify the struggle against all SEZs, and to avenge the massacre in Nandigram. The masses have the right to rebel against injustice, and how ever much Yechuris and Buddhadebs yelp about Maoist incitement, we openly declare to the world that we shall unite the vast masses and lead, participate and extend all support to the people and organizations of our country to unite and fight the imperialist onslaught through the SEZs that is being carried out through their Indian dalals in the Congress, BJP, CPI(M), Samajwadi Party, TDP, DMK, AIDMK and other political parties who are selling away our motherland. CPI(Maoist) calls upon the people of West Bengal to make the state bandh on March 16 a big success and continue the heroic struggle until the SEZs are withdrawn.



Central Committee,



sunil said...

all baseless facts posted by AZAD on behalf of Maoist , i think you people should think what are your goals ,joining hands with TMC killing poor people of west bengal. Cowards like you can attack from behind, not haveCourage to come forward, if you think you are fighting for establishing communism then study Marxism properly. And your so called current ideology is just mask to cover your reality, that you people are actually agents of the capitalist forces. You receive money from your bosses in US to derail the Indian Communist Movement. Don’t talk much about those things I myself have visited the villages in west Bengal and I know what you people have done. S.Pal

Adi said...

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't like you to be fascist and mindless in the struggle.Choose your actions and words correctly.There should be logic and purpose in them.Learn from Castro and Che.Truth will prevail.

ANUP said...

I wish i cud have been an invisible Hitman to protect those brave citizens who r making sacrifices for our dear mother earth. Come, lets all take the oath to clean the filth and present a healthy, unparalyzed world to our next generation. If this is not done , i m sure , sooner or later we all will witness an insane soceity before us.

shahed said...

It is always rude to say that the author does not believe in what he writes but sometimes it is even ruder to comment that the author really believes what he says as is the case here !
(1) More than 50 people have been killed in the Nandigram firing ! Please furnish supportive data or stop churning out nonsense
(2) The rhetoric is full of terminologies like "social-fascist", "Comprador big business houses". What the hell does this "social-fascist" means. We have heard and seen many kinds of fascists, religious, racial etc but this social type seems to be a new innovation. Would you please explain. Also does the author really knows the meaning of the term "comprador" ? If so could the Indian businessmen like TATA, Ambani could be really brought under such terminologies, they by no way are just middlemen,importing raw materials to MNCs and selling the finish products got from them.
(However I have a feeling that the author just use these words only as abuses, when we say "bustard" we of course do'nt mean it ! He (or she) must have over heard these words somewhere. If this is the case please do not answering my queries.
(3) In the long list of political parties that are rallying against the common people I could'nt find TMC. Does this omission has any broader significance ?
(4) It seems the author does not like the idea of industries (or only he(she) has problem with SEZ I do'nt know, its not clear), or may be they would go for state sponsored industrialization when they would come to power. However its not clear to me what alternative they are now offering to the people ? No industry but what then, keep in mind that the Jotadar system has already been crushed at least in WB, so is it that they only like to defend the current system and simply come in to power?
(4) The author is sympathetic towards the common people dying in Nandigram and I appreciate it. Aso what I get from what he has written is that CPI(M) massacred these innocent people only because they oppose the party's policy regarding this industry etc. Does the author similarly feel pain for the poor khetmajurs, small farmers and even students killed by CPI (Maoist) goons only because of there orientation towards CPI(M). These people might be "mis-guided", but does Marxism or Maoism justifies killing misguided poor if they refuse to oblige the "party" s command. And also what about the recent massacres in Chattishgarh ?
Are you really Maoist or just Indian Pol Pat who in the name of communism played in the hand of US and simply frustrated real revolutionary zeal of the Combodian mass brutally taking the lives of more that 5 million countrymen.

longge said...

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