Monday, March 26, 2007

CPI(Maoist) Resolution Regarding the Party Programme

There was quite an intense and detailed debate on the draft Party Programme at the Congress. Delegates participated in this debate in a free and frank atmosphere. Discussion took place in detail on the whole lot of amendments that were sent by the State Conferences and other parts.

There was much debate on the presence of the brahminical casteist ideology and system in Indian society, and its role. The Congress resolved this issue. By consensus, this specific particularity of Indian society was identified and determined. In accordance with this, the necessary additions and changes in the draft Party Programme were also accepted.

Moreover, after detailed discussions on issues like the character of the Indian society and state, various aspects of the communist revolutionary movement and national liberation struggles in India, the role of the CPI leadership, the class analysis and contradictions of Indian society, our attitude towards the different classes and sections of the society and the tasks of the new democratic state, concrete and definite conclusions were drawn, and these conclusions were incorporated into the draft documents. Thus, the Congress succeeded in centralizing the ideas and opinions through a meaningful debate on the draft of the Party Programme.

Finally, the Congress adopted by consensus this important basic document in an atmosphere of great zeal and enthusiasm.

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