Tuesday, March 13, 2007

CPI (MAOIST)-statement on arrest of the karavali ale editor


Press release

Karnataka government had arrested unlawfully, the editor of karavali ale , a kannada eveninger of coastal Karnataka and his wife on night of march 3rd. State government and sangh parivaar jointly harassing press couple by not allowing to get, even, bail so far. Earlier to this their press and residence are attacked by sangh parivaar and damaged the printing and other property. Hands behind these acts were not yet even brought under the law . These acts are totally against to the principles of the so called democracy,freedom of expression and right to information, those whatever ruling classes projecting. These acts exposes once again, the real essence of those much propagated democratic norms and principles. We strongly condemns these undemocratic acts and violation of freedom of press and expression,violation of human rights etc of the fascist JDS-BJP government .

We are insisting immediate release of the press couple. We are demanding to bring those police officials, who are responsible for these anti democratic acts- under punishment. These are all the attempts of further fascisicing the administration and curbing the people's voice and struggle. Denying the minimum democratic rights . This was experienced in the masterminding and implementation of communal attacks on religious minorities in dakshina kannada, few months back.. The administrative and suppressive bodies like district administration and state police directly joined their hands with sangh parivaar ,ignored administrative and democratic norms and inflicted losses of both human and property to the minorities by loot,arson and killing. These are all heinous crime on humanity perpetrated by state itself.

Recent days these type of attacks are rising alarmingly. Police and administration are trying to mend dissent voices and struggle, according to their norms and wishes. They are directing what to speak , what not to, what to write, what not to,how to conduct struggles and rallies etc and trying to impose those on people and democrats. For this they are adopting all anti people and fascist methods like threatening, harassing,torturing, imposing false cases, stage managing the complaints ,clashes,attacks, killing,using colonial laws etc.

At the same time those acts of law does not applies to sangh parivaar,who are crudely propagating communal hatredness,religious discrimination and caste oppression and also organizing attacks on humanity.

Jainism which emerged through fighting against basically feudal violence and brahminical sanathana dharma, showing intolerance towards freedom of expression and mutual discussion.(samvaada) is not correct and principled one, as through that Jainism got existence.

All pro people and pro democratic organizations , individuals should condemn and protest these type of fascist acts of government and communal forces, as their duty.Otherwise the same will be the their fate in future.

With struggle greetings,
Gangadhar (For) state committee
CPI (MAOIST)- Karnataka


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