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CPI(Maoist) karnataka press release of open letter to chief Minister and home minister

Respectable editors and representatives of the media, struggle greetings to you.We are sending this 'open letter to the chief minister and socialist home minister' for your kind information and requesting to publish the same in the esteemed media.

Yours in struggle

For the state committee

An  open letter to the chief minister and the socialist home minister

Mr. Chief Minister and Mr home minister,

After massacring ruthlessly, our comrade and poor tribal people in atyadka recently with your rifles, violating all rules and norms that you had to protect and follow, you both told the media that if we surrender our weapons then you are ready to talk with us. But you both not mentioned about withdrawing killer anti naxalite force and your weapons, stopping of operation of cold-blooded murders and creating conducive atmosphere.  We don't think that your talk is sincere one.  We know that this is your drama for covering your real fascist faces before the public.   

    Ridiculing thing is, you are saying that you are not aware of problems of the people there. After several years of struggle, hundreds of representations, hundreds of appeal letters you and your predecessor governments did not turn towards solving any single problem of the people. Not given land and records. Not made any efforts to stop exploitation from landlords and contractors, moneylenders, forest department, not ensured proper wages and just price for the agro produce. Rather than that added fuel to the burning fire by announcing national parks, reserve forests, check dams, thermal power projects like schemes and eviction of the people. These are all only for the interests of imperialists and local comprador companies. Adding to this, you and your predecessor governments directly joined hands with fascist communal forces and masterminded communal massacre in Dakshina Kannada Bengalooru and communal clashes in other parts of the state. As a responsible keeper of the rule of law whole assembly shamelessly withdrew cases of massacre, arson, loot, rapes of fascist gangs of Sangh Parivar without even minimum discussions in the house. Then how people can trust your government.

  Having weapons is not our wish, will or craze. Actually we did not take weapons at first. We have been worked without weapons from the early. Our comrades worked among people and organized them for their just demands.  Your predecessor governments, forest and police department did not left us to organize people without taking weapons, not allowed even for being with the people. Aggressively came forward for forceful implementation of anti people projects and eviction of the people by using police and weapons. Several harassments, false cases, arrests, tortures were made on people and on our cadres without following so-called rules. Though it is democratic principle, not even considered people's just demands and opposition to the anti people projects there. By that, government and its departments pushed us to take weapons for self-protection and for organizing people.

  We never surrender people's interests. We never allow destroying people and their interests at any cost. You and your predecessor governments murdered our beloved nine comrades and four poor people by using guns. Implicated tens of false cases on our comrades and struggling people. You are implicating false cases even after the murdering and arrest our comrades and people. Your government had released posters containing our comrade's photos. Projected them as criminals. Do you know?, they are all having good personal history of honesty, sincerity, culture, they never thought about crime and exploiting the  people.  They are all dedicated their whole life and sacrificing all for the service of the people. Do you think that sacrificing life for social cause is an easy thing? Such a dedication and sincerity are with our comrades. Such invaluable they are. Then how you and your khaki force murders people decent poor people and our cadres so easily? How it possible in this so-called democracy? Are you having any faith in democracy and democratic principles whatever you are propagating? Can you answer these? But you and your force not even taking stringent, so called, legal actions towards anti social elements mafia goons, many such people are in your cabinet But you and your predecessors continuously keeping and protecting big land lords, compradors, anti people exploiters, land grabbers, anti social fascist goons, distillery mafia, land mafia, mining mafia, forest mafia etc. Not taking any actions on them according to the law. At the same time fixing false cases on struggling poor and democratic people and suppressing them.
  Your government is also following the same predecessor government policies, with more aggressiveness. By giving large amount of farmer's agricultural lands to the imperialists and compradors in the name of SEZs.

  You are playing drama of village stay with much fanfare. But not solved any of basic problems of those village people. You also conducted farmers meeting and attended personally by saying you are sincere for farmers cause. But you did not make any fundamental solution to the problems of dying farmers. Farmers are ending their lives in day today manner. Waiving of farmers loans become cheap drama. It not yet reached dying poor and middle peasants.

  Now about the question of violence. We are not for any violence on people.  But you are talking about peace and non-violence after ruthlessly torturing and murdering people and our cadres. Real crude violence have been perpetrating on common people by governments and its departments, contractors, landlords, big companies, communal gangs, mafia gangs etc. Class violence, caste violence, communal violence and violence on women are increasing rapidly without any check by the ruling system. For example what justice made to Kambalapalli victims, what justice provided to the communal massacre?What justice made to acid attacks,female foeticides,sex exploitation of women? what justice provided to fake encounter victims by ruling system.

  There are hundreds and thousands of examples for prevailing crude violent injustices. Governments and its departments are directly involving and protecting those violence. We did not kill anybody or threatened any common people. We only retaliated for the violence perpetrating on people and on us, as ruling system itself is the sole responsible for that. We retaliated after losing four of our invaluable comrades including our beloved state secretary com. Saketh Rajan by state violence.  Police informers are nothing but police

We presented people's demands of canceling national park, reserve forests, bio parks, providing land and records, canceling anti people projects etc. to the erstwhile Dharamsingh's coalition government, your party was part of that. DharamSingh government played policy of stick in hand butter in talks and continued to suppress our party and people's struggle. The same coalition government killed our secretary Saketh Rajan and Shivalingu and rewarded criminal police officials with medals and money. One among them i,e sreenidhi's criminal and anti social  character exposed recently. That exposed the hoax of Dharamsingh govt's fascist nature and sincerity towards people. Before that S.M. Krishna government also played such hoax dramas by killing our beloved comrades Parvathi and Hajima, then announcing false packages. Rewarded killer police officials with medals and money.
  Up to now no governments showed any move towards canceling imperialist managed anti people projects and stopping eviction of people, guarantee for the people's lives, land and nature. You cannot do that, as you are all agents of ruling class and imperialists. Your government spear heading the eviction of people both in rural and urban areas from their birthland for sake of imperialist companies and compradors. Now your government is doing all efforts to evict and destroy Nandagudi, Hassan and other area peasants and lands for the SEZ etc.

  By employing licensed killer goons to kill people, acting upon cruel police official's directions, giving clean chit to killer officials in the house, targeting pro people and progressive individuals and organizations, curtailing all creamy layered democratic space and norms, imposing false cases, doing unlawful arrests etc, murdering revolutionaries and people, your government is adopting more aggressive fascist measures towards struggling people. It is your necessity for serving ruling class better, getting their mercy and support for your chiefministership, for mortgaging and selling land and common people to imperialists, continuing exploitation and loot. By naming after secular you and your party joined hands with the fascist, castiest, Brahmanical and communal hooligan party in opportunist way.  Then what justice can expect from you towards the people?

We have not any self interests in doing struggle.We are doing this with great concern and love towards exploited people and nation ,for bringing real democratic society.

If you are sincere to your words,you  please,  solve people's problems first.Concider our party as  revolutionary political party.  Withdraw anti naxalite force and disband it.Take actions on killer police officials to  ensure confidence on legal and administrative system.Scrap all anti people rules and regulations and acts. Ensure misuse of law and rule on common people. Take stringent action communal goons.  Withdraw all false cases foisted on people,democrats and on our cadres. Ensure safety and security for peoples lives.Provide lands to the landless and the poor peasants.Provide land records to the poor peasants. Stop the eviction of the people from their birth lands both in rural and urban. Stop evicting slum dwellers and provide proper shelter  and livelihood .Stop the exploitation and loot of land lords,contractors,forest departments police and other officials.Cancel national parks,reserve forests,animal sanctuaries,big dams, check dam projects,nandikur thermal power project,gundya power project,sezs.Make proper plan for the safety of wild animals and nature without harming people's lives. Make proper lively hood for evicted people of kaiga bedthi, and seebird projects by providing lands  and facilities. Reinstate those evicted people of thatkola ,badra etc in thier ancestral lands. Encourage and  make alternate  eco friendly and people friendly power and irrigation projects.Stop giving fertile agricultural lands to IT BT and other people for negligeble price.Promote village based industries. Promote small and medium scale industries.Stop big business houses to enter into the retail and small scale business sectors.Ensure protection for daliths and women from caste and sex exploitaion.  Ensure employment generation promoting village based and decentralised small and medium scale industries.Stop the exploitation and loot of imperialists and compradors.Scrap all unequal and unjust agreements with imperialists. Provide security for dying peasants with real  and basic help of just price for thier produce and scrapping all their financial liabilities.Ban anti people lotteries and liquors from the state. Ensure real federal system. Confiscate extra lands and illegal holdings of big land lords and big corporate business houses and distribute it to poor and needy people of the state. Impose restrictions on accumulating huge profits and properties.

There are sevaral such problems, making people to suffer and bleed. You please move towards solving these basic and fundamental problems of the state with  sincerity and might. We know that all these problems cannot be solved at once  or by an individual but we demanding to make sincere efforts  on that. Make condusive atmosphere for talks Concider peoples demands and struggle democratically.Ensure democracy for all common people with freedom of expression and struggle against injustice and exploitation.Make environment of freedom,democratic rights and non violent ruling system.Then only,it is possible for us to disband our weapons.

With concern and regards on common people,Democracy,social Justice,  nation and country

For the state committee

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