Wednesday, July 4, 2007

CPI (Maoist ) karnataka press release on bus burning

Source : Received via email

Our PLGA( peoples liberation guerilla army) took action by burning state government bus, against the killing of our beloved comrade,central committee member and state secretary Sende Rajamouli.Karnataka government is providing all help to AP's killer goons.Sevaral great revolutionary leaders like shym ,mahesh,murali were caught in karnataka.Karnataka
government not intervened against it even violation of protocols, rules and policies are going on under their nose.But they themselves following same savage and fuedal murders.

This is our warning to the government against its antipeople stances, suppression of people's movement and murder of revolutionaries. Suppression can't stop struggle,it intensifies further, as it becomes inevitable.

Government is preparing to implement disastrous fascist rules to curb people's struggle. Ruling class political parties are fully colluded with the imperialist companies and local comprador capitalists to implement projects of exploitation, eviction and destruction of people's lives and environment in Karnataka and particularly in western ghats area. People are opposing it. To suppress people's dissent voice and opposition, government and it's departments are showing its real fascist nature openly.All these are for protecting imperialist and comprador interests rather than people of the land. The so called democracy becoming airless balloon. Ruling establishment are curbing voices of the democrats and social thinkers.

People's armed struggle is anti democratic like propaganda is going on among some intellectuals by cleverly avoiding lessons from the history,essence of class struggle and human development. Some intellectuals are writing articles, making statements and giving lectures to prove that they are against to the ongoing armed struggle in western ghats, by that they are trying to protect themselves from state's onslaught, surrendering to the fascist state
themselves. For this they are hypothecating their democratic rights and also they thought that they can authoritatively surrender people's living rights and human rights. This shows hoax and hollowness of so called democracy, these intellectuals are preaching and upholding.

All these become helpful only for ruling classes,not for the people's interests.this helps fascist forces such as communal forces. If any one not differ from state violence,coercion and oppression on people clearly, if any one equates oppressed people's reactions with the state violence and ruling system's violence, then it amounts to supporting state and it's exploitative violence directly or indirectly to that extent.For example in nandigram of west bengal people reacted violently against the ruth less state violence as last resort for them.In western ghats also people conducted all forms struggle for sevaral years but ruling system aggressively came forward to implement anti people projects resulting destruction of thousands and lakhs of people's lives.As A last resort they took arms under the leadership of our party.Government killed our 9 comrades without following any of the so called democratic rules and norms. Then how one can certify armed struggle is undemocratic one.Were they deny Sangolli rayanna,Bhagathsingh,Punnapraviolar,Tippu sultan,Esur peasants and sevaral such peoples struggle as anti democratic.Were they negate French revolution or 18th century bourshouise democratic revolutions and socialist revolutions of the world as anti people and anti democratic.Can They show any example of social changes without using revolutionary violence,i,e reactions against the crude, ruthless violent state? If so, is it not hypocratic
Hence we appealing all democrats,intellectuals,pro people organizations and others to stood with the people at whatever circumstance comes, then only they part with the safeguarding themselves, people, country and democratic rights. Please don't be with ruling classes and fascist governments at any cost. That only ensures your pro people stances.Critical struggle period proves ones real nature.

We are appealing all sons of the soil, intellectuals and pro people organizations to uphold peoples struggle and people's revolutionary war i,e higher form of class struggle.We are upholding those intellectuals who are with the people's cause and interests.

We appeal all people to condemn state's ruthless violence on people and wage relentless struggle against it.

We strongly condemn state's efforts to curb people's democratic voice and struggle by all means.

Yours in struggle

For the state committee
CPI (Maoist)

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