Sunday, June 24, 2007

CPI(Maoist) Statement regarding the fake encounter killing of com Sandre Rajamouli

source:via email

Respectable editors and representatives of the media , struggle greetings to you.This is our  press ralease regarding  murder  of  our beloved  com  Rajamouli ,central commitee member and our state secretary by the ruling class goons of  andhra  police.

Requesting to publish this with due consideration.
yours in struggle,
Gangadhara  24-06-07
for the state committee

    Comrade Raja mouli alias  Naveen, central committee member  and karnataka state committee  secretary  was  cought at Kollom of kerala state on 22nd, at 2  o' clock after noon, by the    ruling class goons of andhra  special  police.  At that time he was talking through phone, numbered 0474 2765303; may be at Kollum ksrtc bus stand,  with  the one of our comrades of karnataka.They tortured him severely and murdered  with out caring any so called legal rules and norms. Then concocted,  as usual,  general story of encounter . He  started from Bangalore on 20 th june at night  8.o clock . Whatever informations giving by the killer police officials about encounter is utterly false.These ruling class criminals are acting as mafia gangs, operating for money,posing as protecters of people,cheating civil society,doing all anti social activities and protects anti socials. Rajashekara reddy government of Andhra pradesh  killed  our  comrade  by throwing away all  rules and  norms that  it has to be  followed and protected.

  Com Rajamouli  was simple and mingling person.  He took the responsibility of karnataka from november 2005.  He was active and enthusiastic, had a good military knowledge,  he delivered it  to others also.He tried to know karnataka and guided as a secretary for  more than one and half years  He actively participated and led the successful struggle against right opportunist line,which  came forward in the karnataka party  during the  5th  state conference  ( 2005-2006.)

He was a relentless fighter in the miltary field and  in the political feild. He contributed by bringing  important  political questions  for discussions in recently concluded  unity congress of the party. He spent his most of the life for serving the people and party.

  His martyrdom is great loss to all India movement  and  karnataka particularly. People and  party lost great  revolutionary  leader  and  military  teacher. We are sharing all sorrows and  griefs of  his family and people.  We saluting  his parents  for their contribution  to indian revolution,  by giving  great leader to  the people.

  Revolutionary move ment can not be stopped  by these type  of  heinous crimes on humanity by the ruling classes.  Revolution is naturally growing phenamena reactionaries  are naturally dying  phenamena  of  this coercive exploitative  world.Leadership and leaders  were  emerges and emerging  from people's  struggle.People's struggle can not be  stopped without  stopping exploitation.Revolution  can not be stopped without bringing non exploitative  egalitarian society.
  Rajashekara reddy government will have to  pay proper price for this murder.

* We strongly condemns this heinous  murder  of  our beloved com Sendhe Rajamouli. 

* We are pressing strongly to bring all  murderers  under  punishment.

* We are requesting human rights  organizations and activists to bring all facts of this state murder before the the people

* We appeal  all  people , democrats ,pro people organizations and  progressives to  condemn this murder and fight against this fascist rulers and their goons in uniform.

With revolutionary greetings   

Yours in struggle,
Gangadhara  24-06-07
for the state committee

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