Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Message of the CMC on the Occasion of Fifth Anniversary of the PLGA

Let young men and women join PLGA in large numbers and intensify the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war in order to change guerrilla zones into base areas and the PLGA into a PLA!

Dear comrades and friends,

You will be happy to know of the merger of the two Maoist revolutionary parties of India — the CPI(ML)(PW) and MCCI — along with the formation of an all India communist party, CPI(Maoist), on 21 September, 2004. The People's Guerrilla Army, formed under the leadership of the CPI(ML)(PW), on 2nd December, 2000, and the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army, formed under the leadership of the MCCI on 22 nd April 2003, have also merged. A single and strong People' s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) has been formed. The formation of an all-India Communist party – CPI(Maoist) — on the ideological basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and taking a big leap towards the formation of a strong people's army, under the leadership of this united communist party, is significant development. It is a beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Indian revolutionary movement. This is a significant turning point too from where the revolutionary struggle will take a qualitative leap.

The reason is that among the three magic weapons of revolution, two important weapons have already been forged — a true communist party, formed on the principles of MLM; and under its leadership, the formation of a strong People Liberation Guerrilla Army. When the two main weapons of revolution have been formed, the formation of a third weapon, the United Front, is decided. The birth of this People's Liberation Guerrilla Army has also taken place, in the most adverse circumstances, and it has organised itself challenging the massive encirclement and suppression, and the atrocities of the police and paramilitary forces of class enemy. Also, while developing in the course of armed agrarian revolutionary struggle it has armed itself by seizing huge numbers of modern weapons like the AK-47, INSAS, SLR, LMG, mortar and ammunition in the war field itself, from the police and paramilitary forces. It has also developed its military formations in the course of struggle. Before they became one, both had already developed company-level formations. Now they have become one, so, there won't be much problem even in building battalions. This army that has been struggling against barbaric exploitation, atrocities and repression and fighting for its dignity, independence and rights, comprises the courageous youth from the oppressed classes, including workers and peasants.

They are inspired by the highest and most scientific world outlook i.e. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and are also inspired by the ideal of real patriotism, deep love for the people and an indomitable spirit to serve them. They have deep hatred for the enemy and revolutionary courage and boldness to counter their barbaric attacks. This army is moving ahead with the firm determination of achieving even more victories in struggle against the enemy. The toiling people are able to understand that this army is theirs. They also realise that the army is an important medium to achieve and maintain dignity, and economic and political rights. This army, is alone their class army. The people's army has achieved victories in innumerable battles and has created terror in the enemy. The people's army has internalized the methods of war even more, achieved skills in conducting war, and has given birth to many courageous revolutionary fighters.

In this process, the people's army has got massive support and respect from the people. The commitment, honesty, discipline, responsibility, hard work, sacrifice of personal interests and their self-sacrificing approach of this red army is an ideal which has greatly inspired the people. The people love the red army and nourish it like their own children. Much more than that, they encourage their children to join the red army. At the same time, this People's Liberation Guerrilla Army, for all its activities, depends on the people. It is advancing the great revolutionary struggle by mobilising them. Interwoven in close relations with the people, this army does not only do fighting. It does propaganda amongst the people, educates, organises and arms the people, helps the people establish their political power and plays an active role in solving the everyday problems of the people and helps the people in production and other works


This People's Liberation Guerrilla Army, to fulfill the present primary, principal and immediate task of struggling for building the army and base areas, will develop itself into the PLA from PLGA while moving ahead towards establishing base areas by developing guerrilla zone into guerrilla base areas. During this period, it will intensify the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war, and in order to effectively face the different kinds of cruel encirclement and suppression campaigns to defeat enemy's encirclement-repression, while bringing the broad masses into mass resistance struggles and after smashing the local rule of the enemy from the rural areas, it will form the revolutionary peoples government of the people; i.e the rule of the toiling people, that will protect and develop it.

In order to develop the agrarian guerrilla war into a people's war at a countrywide scale, it will organise and arm the broad masses to form the people's militia and will thus recruit the broad masses, including large numbers of young men and women, into the PLGA. It will create a revolutionary upsurge all over the country, and will develop and expand base areas all over the country like waves by sharpening the armed agrarian revolutionary guerrilla war and by consolidating and developing base areas, one by one, into liberated areas, thereby establishing the independent rule of the toiling people.

The CMC appeals to all the military commissions, commands and all the members of the PLGA under it, that as part of the week-long campaign (2 December to 8 th December) on the occasion of 5th formation day of the PLGA, to make successful political propaganda, torch light processions, public meetings and mass resistance etc. programmes and to make successful the campaign of massive recruitment into the PLGA, and at the same time the CMC appeals to the common toiling people, including peasants and workers, that in order to strengthen the people's army and to develop the PLGA into a PLA and to build the people's government, young men and women should join the PLGA and people's militia squads in large numbers. Participate in thousands in the torchlight processions and public meetings on the occasion of formation day to make it a big success.

1st November

With revolutionary greeting,

Central Military Commission


  • Develop and strengthen PLGA to change PLGA into PLA1
  • Arouse and organise the people to actively participate in the protracted people's war conducted with the objective of seizure of power!
  • Help the people in building organisations of their political power!
  • Protect the organisations of people's political power!
  • Destroy the enemy in a big way by sharpening the guerrilla war.
  • Defeat the all round and multi-pronged attacks of the enemy!
  • Integrate with the people! Serve the masses!
  • PLGA has no interests other than people's interests!

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